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"On the road, your passport is sure to take a beating. This beautiful leather cover will protect it from the elements, both natural and human."


"Good salt is like pixie dust—it imbues the ordinary with magical powers—and a beautiful box to carry it in is the perfect travel companion."


"Handsome, easy to care for, and resilient enough to adapt to almost any environment, an ionantha air plant is the perfect houseguest. We suggest you invite this pair into your new terrarium and watch as their life unfolds day-by-day."


"No survival kit is complete without a knife, and this one’s our favorite. The sleek, rugged Higonokami folding knife was banned for decades after it was used in a high-profile political assassination. Its handle is engraved with the mark of legendary swordsman Kensei Miyamoto Musashi."


"These days, digital tools give us an unprecedented way to satisfy our curiosity about the world. That’s led many to conclude that there is no longer a place for analog technologies. Don’t believe it."

About Wander

Founded by an adventurer and a designer, Wander is dedicated to helping people venture beyond their boundaries. We’re passionate about creating a home for the curious. Our first product is a beautiful way to share and experience the world. Scout it out here.

Jeremy has rafted the Nile river, tracked mountain gorillas, dodged the Burmese secret police and summited Mount Kilimanjaro. Throughout his travels, he’s found wisdom in “yes” and beauty in things that are clear in function and built to last.

Keenan wandered through the design industry as a brand designer, strategist, illustrator, writer and advertiser, before leaving that world behind to help make the internet a more meaningful place. His worldly obsessions include Dutch design, Swiss minimalism, Japanese hyper culture, and Korean food.

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