Veronica Belmont

Tekzilla, The Sword and Laser

While living in San Francisco, I've discovered a love for all the delicious and creative food options we have here."
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"The Salsabol's design makes it nearly impossible to spill your salsa on the table when you go in for a big scoop (which you always should). It’s totally cute, too."


“This stainless steel bar helps get the (delicious) smell of garlic out of your hands. I have no idea why you would want to do that.”


"This awesome BBQ sauce is from one of my favorite San Francisco joints, Memphis Minnie's. They are legit, and they smoke everything in-house (no gas, no electric). You can't even buy this sauce."


"I suggest pairing either jam with a dollop of cream cheese on the crackers. I've also used the Fresno Chili jam in some recipes, like with a stir fry. Get creative!"


"It's the holidays, which means we're hanging out indoors a lot due to chilly temperatures. So, let me warm you up a bit with these three hot treats."


"Since a lot of you know me from the tech world, I wanted to share a different side of myself. It would have been easy to send you a tech trinket—but food is a lot more personal for me."

About Veronica Belmont

Veronica is a technology and gaming-centric video host based out of San Francisco. Currently her projects include Tekzilla (a weekly tech help and how-to show on, and The Sword and Laser, a science fiction and fantasy video show, podcast and community, co-hosted with Tom Merritt. She has also written for Slate, DoubleX, MaximumPC, and PC Gamer, and advises for companies including, Goodreads, and Trippy. Veronica was also the original host of Qore on the PlayStation Network.

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