Style Girlfriend

Megan Collins

Style is about so much more than just what you wear—it’s how you wear it, how you carry yourself. It’s about living with intention."
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"I am proud of all the amazing clothing brands that have come out of Wisconsin. I never tire of reminding my readers that Florsheim calls the Badger State home."


"From a Tom Collins to a Sidecar to a Manhattan, knowing how to make these classic drinks will serve you well in your entertaining life."


"I'm constantly encouraging guys to get bolder with their wardrobe choices—and that starts with the color of clothing you wear. Pair the blue Knottery knit tie (a Quarterly exclusive!) with your crispest white oxford cotton button-down. You'll turn heads."


"Guys have a tendency to let their showers turn into grooming product cemeteries. That's why I love this glycerin soap, which comes wrapped around a natural-fiber, antimicrobial sponge. You get all that good cleansing and exfoliation action, and you know exactly when to throw it away."

About Style Girlfriend

Megan runs Style Girlfriend, where she dishes on guys' style from a female perspective—what women want to see men wearing, what they definitely don't, and everything in between. From advice on a first-date outfit to what to pair with those salmon-colored khakis you bought on a whim, Megan helps guys navigate the sometimes confusing style waters. She'll share all the things that go through a girl's mind when she first sizes you up, and give you tips on how to pass that first-impression test with flying colors. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

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