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Life should be equal parts productive and fascinating. Each of my mailings aims to provide both."
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"For #SKB09, over 500 of you are commissioning each other to create a piece of art infused with wisdom."


"We designed an 'Action Pad' to keep ourselves productive. The steps are designed to make you feel uncomfortable when you don’t record anything actionable."


"I have been on a search for the perfect wallet for some time. Then I stumbled upon this awesome Kickstarter project called the 'Supr Good Slim Wallet.' The team was willing to secure an early edition for each of you!"


"I love Sugru, a recently invented self-setting rubber for fixing and improving stuff. You can use it to modify your mobile phone case, your shoes, your keychain—just about anything."


"This is one of the first products created by many people via, a system that helps inventors make their ideas happen. It's an example of how products may be designed in the future. It’s also a great way to stay organized."


"Urban life is fun, but I long for the chance to have a giant garden. For this Quarterly, I wanted to foster some planting."


"I wanted to share a talk I recently gave on the topic of slowing down and unplugging. Given the "low-tech" message, what better medium to share it than Quarterly?"


“I’ve never really talked about it before, but there is ONE song that I always listen to when I start writing.”


"The theme of my Quarterly is my conviction that life should be equal parts productive and fascinating. In your everyday grind to make ideas happen, it is easy to overlook both."

About Scott Belsky

Scott Belsky is obsessed with organization and the clash between creativity and structure. As the co-founder and CEO of Behance, Scott has committed his professional life to help organize creative people, teams, and networks. Behance's products include the Behance NetworkThe 99%, and Action Method. In 2010, Scott was also included in Fast Company's list of "100 Most Creative People in Business." Scott is also the author of the international bestselling book Making Ideas Happen. Scott collects his inspirations and curiosities on Pinterest, showcases his latest work on Behance, and can be followed on Twitter!

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