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Each day on kottke.org, I attempt to find the interesting in everything. I'll be sending you things that you didn't know you wanted to see until you saw them."
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"You’ll need to fold the paper the recipe is printed on into a paper airplane to read it properly. Yes, this is a Paper Plane recipe printed on a paper plane."


"There are many ways to start a fire without matches, but one of the simplest is with a magnifying glass. You also need the Sun, though, so Seattleites and residents of Macquarie Island might want to try another method."


"In 1910, D.W. Griffith made the first movie in Hollywood, California. During filming, the frustrated director barked out three words: 'Lights! Camera! Action!' This package plays off the famous phrase, giving you the tools to make a film of your own."


"Introduced in 1913, parcel post was widely used to ship food, but you could also send living things. Before the practice was stopped, at least two children were shipped."


"There's something about the food you ate when you were twelve that you can't shake. For adolescent Jason, that meant summer-sausage sandwiches, cheese (oh God, the cheese) and sips from my Dad's can of Leinie's."


"Maps do not need a connection to the thing they represent. They can stand apart from their functionality. We're free to appreciate them on purely aesthetic terms."

About Jason Kottke

Jason Kottke is a blogger and developer living in NYC. As editor of kottke.org for the last 14+ years, he's scoured nearly every corner of the web for juicy links and things for people to read. Jason is also hard at work on Stellar, a web app for tracking and discovering your favorite things online.

In the past, Jason did research on non-crystalline solids, designed websites for people, made a bitmap font called Silkscreen, and experimented online at 0sil8.

Currently, he can be found at his site, on Twitter, and at Stellar.

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