Amanda Hesser & Merrill Stubbs

The best home cooking is a blend of the practical and the inventive. We love objects with utility as much as those with great beauty."
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"We thought we’d share one of our favorite breakfast recipes, as well as the essential gear you’ll need to make great eggs and toast."


"Before Jacobsen's was born, every good salt was imported. No more. Jacobsen's harvests sea salt in Netarts Bay on the Oregon coast, creating a salt that's a lot like flakey Maldon."


"There is one cured and aged ham that we love more than any other: jamón ibérico. It seems a lot like prosciutto, but this ham is made from black Iberian pigs—a wild boar descendant. We love it with a glass of chilled Fino sherry or sparkling white."


"While house-bound during Hurricane Sandy, Amanda put Bar Keepers Friend to the test on everything from her saucepans to copper pots to Le Creuset casseroles. 10 years of wear and tear and oil-packed grime vanished."


"The holidays are our Super Bowl, and we're in full-on prep mode. We figured you might be, too, so we wanted to let you in on two tools that are essential to successful roasts, turkeys, and sauces." 


"We've been thinking a lot about dining outdoors, and this package is geared toward refreshments—cool items that will help you keep cool."


“First up, an homage to one of our favorite ingredients, a heroic player in every kitchen: the lemon.”

About Food52

Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs have spent hundreds of hours in the kitchen together, first working on the bestselling The Essential New York Times Cookbook, and later creating FOOD52, the first crowd-sourced and crowd-curated food community. Together with their community, they've created The FOOD52 Cookbook, which was named one of the 10 best cookbooks of 2011 by NPR and the Washington Post. They've also released the FOOD52 Holiday Recipe and Survival Guide iPad app, and the FOOD52 Hotline iPhone app. Amanda was named one of the 50 most influential women in food by Gourmet. And Amanda and Merrill are trustees of Awesome Food.

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