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Brandon Long

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“Justin Angelos breaks all the lifestyle cliches of the ‘tortured artist’ and proves my theory that great art can come from absolutely anyone.”


"I hope each of these shipments act as coping tools for the harsh realities of every day life and remind you how beautiful life can be even in the face of deep despair."

About The Only Magic Left is Art

Brandon C. Long is Creator and Curator of The Only Magic Left Is Art, and a niche photographer based in San Francisco. He only shoots expired Polaroid and Impossible film to capture his delusions of grandeur through the unpredictable visual poetry of instant photography. You can see more of his personal work by following him on Flickr, 500PX, and Instagram.

Brandon believes we are entering a new era of "artistic equality" in the creative stratosphere. Never before have we lived in a time where artists are on an even playing field against the more privileged. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter to see how he and The Only Magic Left Is Art support and document one of the most important coming-of-age art revolutions in history.

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